Piper Anne & Tess Runion

Where did you and your Conversation partner meet?
Piper – I’ve admired Tess’s work for a long time and I always love when I see her pictures show up in my Facebook feed. Sometimes you just feel a connection to someone and I’ve always felt like Tess and I were “photography soul sisters”, so I’m excited to be working on this project together.

What made you interested in starting a Conversation?
Piper – I love how Tess sees the world and I love the idea of getting to know each other through the pictures we take. I love the idea of telling a story over a long period of time and watching how it develops.

What excites you about joining The Photography Conversation Project?
Piper – I’m excited to work alongside so many talented and creative women and getting to follow along with the conversations they tell through their beautiful photography. I’m excited to push myself creatively and participate in an intentional conversation that develops over time.

piperannePiper Anne




tessrunionTess Runion

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