Michelle Huber & Shannon O’Malley

Where did you and your Conversation partner meet?
Michelle – Shannon and I met online while we were both doing the Bethadilly 365. We started following each others work and became fast friends. We has since connected on FB and have continued to foster a friendship.

Shannon – Michelle and I met online through Instagram. We were following the same 365 project through the Bethadilly project. I was immediately drawn to Michelle’s work. It truly spoke to my soul. There were many of us that connected through this community and formed our own FB page. Michelle and I seemed to have a special connection from the get go. Later to realize our were both Virgos … so DUH, go figure we’d get along

What made you interested in starting a Conversation?
Michelle – I saw the posting in the “Stories of Home” FB page and was intrigued. What a creative way to tell a story and have a conversation with a friend.

Shannon – When Michelle asked me to partner up and collaborate with her for this Conversation project I thought “Heck yeah! I’d love to!”. It is currently winter here in MN and I want a meaningful project to work on. What better way to do it then with a friend where we can grow together through our Convers-images

What excites you about joining The Photography Conversation Project?
Michelle – I’m excited about the ways this project is going to push my creativity and thinking outside the box. I’m also looking forward to getting to know Shannon better and having fun too.

Shannon – What excites me about joining The Photography Conversation Project is paving a new path in my brain for a new prospective of creativity. I am hoping this not only brings Michelle and I closer to learn more about each other, but to learn more about myself … all in the name of fun and exploration.

Michelle Huber




Shannon O’Malley

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