Katie Koranda & Rachel Haynes

Where did you and your Conversation partner meet?
Katie – I met Rachel in the Artists Inspired Facebook group. Her photos stopped me in my tracks. They were beautiful and I felt like they shared my heart. Later, we bonded over some life issues we shared. She’s a photography mentor and a friend to me — how lucky am I?!

Rachel – Katie and I “met” in a photography group on Facebook called Artists Inspired. I loved the way her images made me feel and I knew we’d hit it off! We’ve been chatting a lot and have connected over quite a few things. I’m so happy to have met her and can’t think of a better person to do a project like this with!

What made you interested in starting a Conversation?
Katie – This project intrigued me when Rachel shared it with me and I knew I wanted to be involved right away! It’s a great way for me to grow in my photography and editing skills, and it’s also a great way to challenge myself artistically. I view myself as a storyteller, and I think if I do this project right, I can challenge and grow that concept of myself.

Rachel – It’s such a cool concept! I’m really interested in how people interpret images and how seeing someone else’s image can inspire another photographer. I think this is a really inventive way to use and strengthen my voice in my images.

What excites you about joining The Photography Conversation Project?
Katie – I’m excited to challenge myself to think about photos differently and, frankly, to think about communication differently.

Rachel – I love the idea of communicating solely through images. I think it will really help me slow down and consider the elements in the frame to continue the conversation. This is such an interesting project and I can’t wait to get started!

katieKatie Koranda




rachelRachel Haynes

(image by the amazing Hannah Nielsen Photography)

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