Julie Moses & Yehudis Goldfarb

Where did you and your Conversation partner meet?
Julie – I’ve been aware of Yehudis for a couple of years now through the Snap Maven community and I consider myself a fan. It was a nice kismet to be in the Stories of Home group together when the opportunity to be part of this project came up.

Yehudis – We officially met through Kate Densmore’s Stories of Home Facebook Group…but I have been following Julie’s work for a really long time now and I can even recognize her image in my feed:)

What made you interested in starting a Conversation?
Julie –  I have participated in limited projects of this nature in the past and I am so intrigued at the way people inspire each other and the perceptions and response of each individual in a collaboration. I am excited at the prospect of being inspired and sharpened through working with Yehudis.

Yehudis – I have always wanted to find a photography buddy to work with to enhance my skills and I was so excited when Julie asked me.

What excites you about joining The Photography Conversation Project?
Julie – I love being put in a box and having to look for creative ways to get outside of it. I look forward to the ways the conversation will direct how I shoot to respond to my partner. I am especially looking forward to the ebb and flow of the project and how it transforms over time.

Yehudis – The chance to think outside the box and push my creative limits. Its easy to get caught up in a similar shooting pattern when working with clients.

Julie Moses




Yehudis Goldfarb

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