Dana Reiser & Karen Sutherland

Where did you and your Conversation partner meet?
On the Stories of Home Facebook site. We really don’t know each other but are looking forward to getting to know each other through our images.

What made you interested in starting a Conversation?
Karen wants to be in a position to consciously think about her response to an image and then consider how best to respond to it. She thinks it will strengthen her photography and challenge her to go beyond normal limits.

Dana wants many of the same things – especially to be challenged to find new ways of expressing herself and being able to consciously be able to call herself a creative artist – so finding that space to think outside the box and be good with that.

What excites you about joining The Photography Conversation Project?
Getting to know each other through photos and building a creative relationship with another photographer who wants to be challenged as well.

Dana Reiser




Karen Sutherland

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